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Written by Shirley Floyd on July 25, 2019

10th Annual Steppin "N" Paradise, hosted by the Smooth Steppers of Memphis.


Cheers and congratulations to another AMAZING year that topped last year's "Stella Award Winning Year". This year was INCREDIBLE. The team definitely BEAT their BEST.

Each year the statement is made to the board by this writer, "I don't believe you can top this year", but each year they prove me wrong.

Again, the success of this year's event was due to its reputation that spreads across the community and nation. Year after year the event strives to be one of the BEST in maintaining a great track record.

There is so much that can be said about those who are responsible (Board of Directors) for establishing the principles and policies under which they have, and continue to operate. I don't think the team had any idea as to where the road would eventually lead, but with great expectations and considerable passion, each year has been an UNFORGETTABLE event.

This 10th year was nothing short of EPIC. Nine years, this event has been amazing, but this year was the absolute BEST. It was one of the most successful events you could have attended all because of the exceptional customer service skills and professionalism of the AWESOME team, who works so diligently. They specialize in achieving positive, long-lasting results.

All components of the event were expertly coordinated. This year was truly breath-taking. Everything you needed was at your fingertips, and ladies not to mention at your feet as well. Upon entering the powder room you were greeted by a beautiful attendant, who served the ladies by passing them paper towels for their hands, and making sure that the powder room was neat and tided up.

Prior to leaving the powder room, the ladies had the opportunity to choose a beautiful colorful pair of Flip-Flops to rest their tired and aching feet as they danced the night away. WOW! How about that, and what a treat.

Friday Night was "Rep Yo City" in T-Shirts. Beautiful Tees were worn by guests from various cities. As one guest described it, there were many styles and colors, wonderfully designed, and visible all over the building. Per one the guest, "I had a ball".

Saturday Workshops were well attended. The students were divided into groups and each group was shown and explained different techniques. Everything you needed to enhance your dance-skill level was offered during the workshops; Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, and Walking. No matter where you are in your dance, you can always improve. If dancing is your passion, when you're on the dance floor you should feel unstoppable, invincible, incredible, joyful and wonderful. You should feel like it's the best feeling(s) anyone that loves to dance can have.

Saturday's Main Event was the highlight of the weekend. Upon arrival there stood this GORGEOUS young lady who presented the guest with beautiful Leis. As we entered the main ballroom, it was definitely the center of attention. It was unimaginable. You were blown away by the scenery that was unfolded. Each end of the dance floor was setup with a couch, beautiful curtain, and amazing floor arrangements. It gave the appearance of a professional picture studio, where you create your own excitement. It looked exquisite and extremely beautiful, romantic, elegant, stunning, and incredible. WERK IT SSOM! You KILLED it!

The LIGHTTING and DECORATIONS were beyond beautiful and all custom-made by the amazing team, unlike any other. The centerpieces added elegance and personality to the table setting.

FUN was at an all-time high. There is so much to look forward to when you attend Paradise.

The FOOD was absolutely delicious, tasty and visually appealing, and plentiful. Every bite made you say, WOW. You were amazed at how delicious the food was. Everything was yummy. I would love to know how to the Simon was prepared. SSOM thank you for going the extra mile, and thank you for your kindness and attention, you bet I have really been singing your praises to others. Entertainment and delicious food go hand in hand in Paradise.

The HOSPITALITY was remarkable and amazing. The guest deeply appreciated the quality of service that was demonstrated toward them, specifically the southern hospitality. Everyone was treated in a warm, friendly, generous way.

Anytime you attend Paradise, be assured that southerners don't give favors as an obligation, but we do it out of courtesy, respect, and mere habit, in hopes that you'll return again and again. Without effective teamwork, Steppers won't experience the quality service that they expect.

The MUSIC was provided by none other than Myron Robinson (The R), Alex Stretch, and Pony (The Express) Mack, who knows music like the back of their hand, and came prepared to put the time in. Their skill level and understanding of the art of music is second to none. Their selection of music is always on point. When you observe a packed dance floor and sweaty faces, it is evident that you have a great DJ on hand.

The EMCEE, (Keith Hubbard (the Navigator), was upbeat and positive, and he kept the party jumping all weekend. He is defiantly an All-Star Emcee, who leads the crowd in cheers. There is never a null moment with him. He keeps the crowd excited, and he is positive and energetic. Keith is a very funny and a respectful emcee. He cracked jokes throughout the weekend, and kept the laughter going.

The Farewell Brunch was SUPERB. It was guests' last chance to reminisce together about the weekend events, stories and photos, and say goodbye before leaving and heading back home.

A large number of Steppers stayed a bit longer for a little more fun, and food and drinks before they were on their way. The musical host was Pony "The Express" Mack. He came prepared and he delivered. He jammed the entire evening, and he kept it moving and flowing until the very last song. Everyone had a great time. Pony Mack was very professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and is very passionate about his music.

Leaving Paradise was pretty difficult to do, according to some of the guests. The music was jamming, everything was on point, beautiful hotel, event decorated to a high standard, great food, and excellent customer service. It was an UNFORGETTABLE fun weekend.

Shout out to everyone who contributed to making this 10th year one of the GREATEST and BEST events of the year. Smooth Steppers of Memphis, you ROCK.

To the captains of the ship, Patrick and Rose Moore, and the entire committee of Smooth Steppers of Memphis, we say thank you. You deserve a Standing Ovation for a job well done. We realize that a lot of work goes into preparation, planning and hosting this event, and it's amazing that things run so smooth year after year.

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