[4/24/2014 Chicago Steppin In Memphis]

It's A Steppers Classic Saturday Day Party

By Shirley Floyd #steppinmemphis
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How About a "Classic Saturday Day Party"? The Music, the Food and Drinks, and the People!


Looking for a �Fabulous Party� that is held while the sun is shining, the clouds are dancing, and the music is louder than the sound system in your car, with or without the convertible top down. A party that begins at one o�clock then ends when the sun is setting and the moon is playing double-dutch in the sky? Classic Soulz, 1025 East Brooks Road, is the place to be every 2nd Saturday from 1-6 pm, hosted by Smooth Steppers of Memphis.
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While being popular may seem fun, you have to achieve it first. You want to have something to offer that no one else has offered and do something big but do it right. It�s about taking smart risks. Generally it's scary to take risks, and you might be reluctant, but you'll never get anywhere exciting in life by staying safe and in the same place. Accomplishing something of value is how you earn the right to promote yourself. It has only been two months since the inception of the Classic Saturday Day Party (1st for Memphis), but it has definitely gained popularity. It�s on the way to being the center of attention.

To throw a successful, entertaining, and fun party that won�t be forgotten, there are three very important aspects to remember; the music, the food and drinks, and the people. However, the most important factor about this party is Steppin.

On Saturday, May 10, 2014, the Classic Saturday Day Party and Smooth Steppers of Memphis celebrated our very own, Rose Moore�s Birthday. The party was bumpin; Da bomb. We were chatting, eating, Stepping�well, you get the idea, and the music was outstanding. It was just down-right awesome. There was no sitting on the edge of the dance floor. We partied and Stepped till the sun went down. Upon arriving I knew we were in for a good time.


One great thing about this party, it gives us options and choices. It's BYOB; Be Your Own Bartender, Bring Your Own Beverage, or Bring Your Own Bottle. This kind of party is a polite way to ask your guests to bring their favorite drink to share with friends and other guests at the party. However, if by chance you forget to bring your favorite drink, the establishment is equipped with a full-service bar for your consumption. It also has a kitchen, with an extensive menu and great food. The servers are most cordial, efficient, prompt and friendly.

When was the last time you went out dancing? I make a habit of going to my local dance club at least once a week. It's a great way to break up the stress built up from the daily grind. It's an alternative to the gym for some or another way of staying in shape. Still for others, it's a chance to meet people. Whatever it means to you, for every dancer there can be a unique experience. Dancing opens up an entirely new line of communication. You can feel more open to talk to people and to start new friendships. If you're looking for a place to start, we invite you to join the Smooth Steppers of Memphis "Classic Saturday Day Party". It offers you all of that and much more.

You can celebrate your birthday, get your picture taken, meet new people, have the most fun, enjoy great music, and most of all, participate in one of the most amazing and elegance dances; Chicago Style Steppin. You will have an overall good time, and a great and exciting experience. If you�re interested, the cover charge is only $10.00.

Smooth Steppers of Memphis, thank you for a wonderful party. I have attended a lot of parties, but the Classic Saturday Day Party is one of the best. Everyone had a great time and I know we all will definitely be ready for the next one. Thanks again and you guys ROCK!
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