[6/8/2013 Chicago Steppin In Memphis]

First Fridays Steppin in Memphis

By Shirley Floyd #steppinmemphis
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Here is Shirley Floyd 's report from First Friday's at Ron's in Memphis


Last night was fun filled, as we stepped the night away at one of the Hottest Steppin Spots in Memphis (Ron�s Place, 1242 Florida Street). We�re always excited whenever we walk through the doors at Ron�s. Ron is not only the owner; he�s the DJ, Master Stepper and surprisingly a great cook.


There was a spread of "Soul Food", as always (green beans, chicken, corn, macaroni and cheese, dip and chips, salad, and cake) on the table when we walked through the door at no additional cost... DIG that. We stepped, ate, mingled with the Steppin Family, and had an awesome time until Ron cut the lights out on us�lol.


The Love of Steppin; it always keeps you longer than you intend to stay.

Our host DJ; DJ Cynsitivity, rocked the house. She kept us moving throughout the night, and not to mention sweating. It may not be everyone�s idea of a good time, but we had a good time.


‎Ron informed us that someone had stolen a part off of one of his air conditioners, which made the room a little warmer than usual. However, that didn�t stop the Steppers from "Getting It In". We know how to have fun, even when it�s hot. There is no such thing as a bad Stepper�s Set; every set is good. It�s the crowd, the mood, the music etc. that makes it good, in my book.

DJ Cynsivitivity on the 1's & 2's


Although it was a little warm, no one was sitting around or left early last night. As a matter of, the music caused us to have plenty of energy. We made our way to the dance floor song after song. BIG shout out to our guest from Alabama, and all the Steppers who were in attendance�We had a great time.


Steppers (out-of-towners), if you�re visiting Memphis on the first Friday of the month, and after you�ve hit all the great spots, shopped, enjoyed the best back-alley barbecue, nightlife of Beale Street, and other wonderful attractions, there is "ONE PLACE" that should not be missed during your stay - Ron�s Place, home of one of the Hottest Steppin Spot in Memphis. Stop by and check us out. There�s room on the dance floor for you, and a seat at the table. We�ll make you feel special and right at home.