Smooth Steppers Of Memphis impacting Orange Mound  Now Savoring a National Presence

August 11, 2016 by Andre Johnson


Memphians Patrick Moore and his wife, Rose, are steppin’ up their game.   They are steppin’ away from the old and steppin’ into the new season for which God has blessed them.


They are diligently steppin’ away from the negativity that continues to plague and cripple the Bluff City and steppin’ up in terms seeking vital ways to progress arguably one of the well-known and prominent major metropolitan establishments in America.

Talk about collectively steppin’ up in rather amazing, dazzling fashion.


MEMPHIS MADE — A Memphis Melrose graduate who, during his days of roaming the campus of the famous Orange Mound institution, Patrick Moore was widely known for being a member of the school’s dance group called, “Dr. Fang & The Disco Gang.” Such an intriguing, last memory has greatly inspired him to start to organize the Smooth Steppers Of Memphis, a non-profit organization that promotes and teaches the art of what the Moores describe as a “form of Chicago Steppin’” in the Memphis community.


Most importantly, Smooth Steppers Of Memphis routinely engages in an assortment of charitable events, most notably their annual Back To School Supply Drive that customarily takes place at the Orange Mound Community Center.

“We also sponsor kids for summer camp at the Orange mound community center,” Rose Moore told longtime journalist Andre Johnson during an exclusive interview earlier this week.


According to Patrick Moore, a longtime ambassador for the Orange Mound community, he has managed to organize a notable, enriched non-profit organization that is a trend which he had envisioned for some time.

What’s mostly intriguing is that his long-awaited vision, coupled with the immense support of his wife — who is the group’s president — is that it is starting to come full circle, thus have a vital impact in one of Memphis’ most popular districts.


“My competitive nature is what drives me to succeed in any of my endeavors,” said Patrick Moore, explaining his mission for starting his organization. “When I became involved in Chicago steppin,’ I had a vision of spreading this form of dance throughout the Memphis community with the help of my loving wife and the help of many others. my vision is coming to fruition.”

So much, in fact, that the Smooth Steppers Of Memphis are currently comprised of more than 50 students, many of whom are responsible for hosting an annual event in which 300 steppers from around the nation unite and partake in what the Moore's deem "solid support our organization.”

According to the Moores, there are other organizations in the Memphis metropolitan area that also share in similar goals and ambitions and visions, particularly as it pertains to these unique styles of dancing.


“What I like most about the dance is the camaraderie of both local and national steppin’ communities,” Rose Moore said. “We enjoy fellowshipping with steppers from different backgrounds and professions in the steppin community. You feel like you are a part of one big family said Patrick Moore: “The majority of the local steppin’ community is comprised of 40 years of age and older; however, we are pleased to say there is a growing trend of younger students joining the steppin’ community. We are excited to see the younger generation embrace this dance as it teaches respect and chivalry. Our love of this dance has taken us many places.”

Indeed it has........


The Smooth Steppers Of Memphis have made appearances in places such as the mecca of the dance, which is Chicago, not to mention Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis, Birmingham, Orlando, Nashville, Indiana, and Little Rock, among others cities.

“Our personal mission is to give back to the community and offer a different art form of dance,” Patrick Moore said.

To their credit, they are doing just that.


Thanks in large part to he and his loving wife joining forces to steppin’ up their game.




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Shirley Floyd

Latasha Ingram

Andria Hawkins

Rita Ayers

Joe Byrd

John Grice

Ardell & Earnestine Riser

Doris Matthews

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Classes are free and held every Tuesday and Thursday at the Orange Mound Community Center located at 2590 Park Avenue; to join, sign up at: