Steppin' N/2 Health




     Our care and continuous commitment to the community is why we are proud to embark on a new program "Steppin' N/2 health".  This program will concentrate on the benefits of physical exercise through the dance Chicago Steppin.  It is our hope that our program will inspire others throughout the Steppin Community to implement similar programs into their existing  classes currently numbering over 500 throughout the US.




     I have been attending classes with the Smooth Steppers of Memphis since September 2015.  Steppin has added so much to my life in a positive fashion.  I suffer progressive form of osteo arthritis, before steppin, I had to use a cane to walk often, the benefit of movement with the dance has brought a multitude of cardio and kinesthetic benefits.  More impressive than many health benefits are the stress relieving and emotional benefits, as I also suffer with extreme anxiety.  However, thankfully steppin has provided much relief.  When in class, I concentrate on the dance and relax my mind.  This experience has worked wonders in my life and afforded many benefits, physical and mental.




     I've been taking steppin with the Smooth Steppers, for little over a year, in addition to it being fun and challenging, I have lost some much needed weight, also I am no longer on blood pressure medication.  I want to thank you guys for all the hard work.




       I joined the class about six months ago.  I have several health issues and my doctor had been onto me about exercising and becoming active.  I am a diabetic, I have high blood pressure, sarcoidosis, which makes it hard for me to breathe I also was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and possibly heart failure.  I gained several pounds which also affected my breathing and everything else.  I was 242 pounds at my heaviest.  I prayed for something to help me lose weight and improve my overall health, I also knew if I didn't I would not live long.  I found out about Steppin, I was intrigued, I knew going to the gym wouldn't work for me but this dance class I would stick with it.  I was right, I have more energy more stamina since starting.  I went back to my doctor and my numbers starting improving.  My blood sugar was down and close to normal, my blood pressure as 180-190 range and now they are in the 120-130 range and my kidney functions has improved and I have started to lose weight.  I am ecstatic.  This class has helped save my life, for me steppin is a lifestyle and I am truly grateful for this class.  I also love what the steppers do for the community, and the things I've witnessed them do for others.  They give so much and do it all for free.  They have made such a difference in my life, and I believe you have helped so many and I know you have helped me. 

     God bless you all,