Community health fair held in Orange Mound


It was all about physical health in the Orange Mound community Saturday.

It was called the Cigna Health Improvement Tour, and it made a stop in Orange Mound, offering free services like vision testing, health screenings, and chair massages.

The weather was perfect as residents came out to have their blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and body mass index checked.

"This came about because there is a need here in Orange Mound to address a lot of the issues and chronic conditions. We want people to be aware," Kenya Holmes, with Cigna, said.

And awareness is what first caught the attention of Orange Mound resident Michaela Turner-Stroud.

"To find out what's going on in the community, number one, and also find out all the different resources available," Turner-Stroud said.

She was also looking to relieve some aches and pains. 

"I am turning 65 in May, and I have a lot of different health issues. I have diabetes, and I'm starting to have pain in my back and in my shoulder area, so when I saw that they had the massages going on, I thought let me go down and check it out," Turner-Stroud said.

Not only are the screenings a big focus of the health fair, but they say stepping into your health will help you burn calories and stay active.

Members of the Smooth Steppers of Memphis gave health demonstrations. Their purpose: to provide structured dance classes promoting healthy lifestyles through physical exercise.

Organizer Kenya Holmes said she hopes the event encourages resident to monitor their overall wellness.

"A goal of mine is that we'd love to see this every single for year because what you want to do is say 'this is my blood pressure this year. I'm going to do some things throughout the year. I'm going to ride a bike. I'm going to eat healthier and when I come back next year I'm going to have some great improvements,'" Holmes said.